Personal Injury


Slip and Fall

Fabbrini Law Group know there are many potential defects on walking surfaces that may cause a slip-and-fall injury. On the other hand, not every slip-and-fall injury is compensable. It is critical in these cases to ascertain some key facts right from the beginning, which may include the following:

Did the property owner know about the defect?
What level of care did the property owner owe to the person who was injured?
Was the injured person a guest? Employee? Patron?
Did the property owner create the hazard?
Did the defect occur with such regularity or existed for such a length of time that the property owner should have known about it?
Each element will play an important role in whether a slip-and-fall injury claim is worth pursuing. Our dedicated Fabbrini Law Group individuals are prepared to answer your questions, provide you with a considered legal analysis of your case and assist you to determine the best way to proceed. We do know that slip-and-fall accidents can happen virtually anywhere a slippery substance has the opportunity to make contact with a walking surface.

When the fall occurs on a hard surface, the injuries sustained are often quite serious. It is not uncommon for victims to suffer broken bones as well as facial and skull fractures. Bleeding, bruising and internal soft tissues can occur too. It is extremely important to seek instant medical attention and prompt legal advice. When slip-and-fall injuries are due to the carelessness or negligence of a property owner, Fabbrini Law Group works tirelessly on behalf of our clients to secure compensation.

Prompt investigation of your fall is imperative. Our legal team at Fabbrini Law Group is prepared to meet you where you are: Home, hospital, workplace or wherever it may be to help explain what your legal remedies may be moving forward and what you can expect in terms of recovery. Our experienced, compassionate team have the compassion, the skill and resources to help you prevail.