Chicago Injury Lawyer Guide To Car Accident Settlements

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Chicago Injury Lawyer Guide To Car Accident Settlements and Claims


Maximizing Your Car Accident Settlement

When you’re in a car accident, getting the best settlement matters. Here’s advice from a Chicago injury lawyer on how to get the best settlement:

  1. Keep Records: Take photos, collect witness statements, and keep medical reports. These strengthen your case.  Injury lawyers often hire private investigators to document the scene of the accident and get witness statements.
  2. See a Doctor: Even minor injuries can have hidden effects. Your injury lawyer can help you find doctors and therapists that can get you the treatment you need.
  3. Consult an Attorney: They’ll guide you through the process. Additionally, hiring an experienced injury attorney who knows how to negotiate can significantly increase your chances of receiving a higher settlement.

Common Mistakes During a Car Accident Settlement
Avoid these pitfalls to ensure a successful settlement:

  1. Delaying Medical Treatment: Failing to seek prompt medical attention weakens your case. In a hit-and-run incident, immediate medical evaluation is crucial.
  2. Admitting Fault: Never admit fault at the scene. In a parking lot collision, even a simple apology can be misconstrued as an admission of guilt.
  3. Accepting the First Offer: Insurance companies often lowball initial offers. In a sideswipe accident, rejecting the first offer and negotiating can lead to better results.
  4. Not hiring a personal injury attorney right away: As each day passes, evidence grows stale.  Don’t try to handle your claim yourself. Our top Injury lawyers have the experience and staff to manage the entire claims process, ensuring a big settlement.

Typical Car Accident Settlement Timeline
The process usually involves:

  1. Reporting the Accident: Our injury attorneys are fully staffed to promptly notify all insurance companies about car accidents involving their insureds.
  2. Investigation: Insurers assess fault and damages.  Never talk to an insurance company after a car accident without hiring an experienced injury lawyer.
  3. Negotiation: Parties work out a settlement.  This is where your injury attorney can really help.  Our experienced injury lawyers know what cases are worth and will not settle for less.
  4. Resolution: Final settlement or legal action.  This step is where our injury lawyers really add value to your case.  We can negotiate any medical bills from a car crash to a much lower value, putting more money in your pocket.

Accepting the Car Accident Settlement Offer

  1. Medical Bills: Ensure the offer covers them. Did you know you may have to pay back your health insurance company or Medicare out of your settlement?  Experienced personal injury attorneys will take care of all these issues and negotiate down your medical bills, putting more money in your pocket.
  2. Property Damage: Account for repairs or replacement. Our attorneys are experienced in valuing car damage as a result of an accident.
  3. Future Costs: Think about ongoing treatment.  What if your injury returns?  Our injury lawyers have seen thousands of cases.  We can help you determine if the offer will truly compensate you not just now, but in the future.

Settle or File a Lawsuit?
Settling your car accident claim avoids the courtroom, but sometimes lawsuits become necessary. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Pros of Settling:
    • Faster Resolution: Settling is usually quicker than going to court.
    • Predictable Outcome: You know the settlement amount in advance.
    • Less Stress: Avoids the stress of a trial.
  2. Cons of Settling:
    • Possibly Lower Payout: Settlements may not fully compensate you.
    • Limited Appeal: Once settled, you can’t revisit the case.
  3. Filing a Lawsuit:
    • If negotiations stall or the offer is inadequate, you may need to file a lawsuit.  Keep in mind, filing a lawsuit for a car crash will increase the costs on your file.  On average, you’ll need to get a verdict that’s anywhere from 10-25% higher than the offer to walk away with the same amount from a settlement. Your injury attorney will guide you through this decision.

    Average Car Accident Settlement Amount
    The average car accident settlement amount varies based on several factors:

    1. Severity of Injuries: More severe injuries lead to higher settlements. For example, a neck and back strain may only be worth a few thousand dollars while a broken leg  and surgery due to a car accident could be worth millions.
    2. Location: Settlements differ by state and city.  Any Chicago injury lawyer will tell you that Chicago and Cook County car accident claims are some of the higher payouts in the Nation.  Ask our injury lawyers about the advantages of car accident claims in the greater Chicagoland area.
    3. Insurance Policies: The at-fault driver’s insurance coverage matters.  But that’s not the only insurance that may be available.  In Illinois, drivers are required to carry underinsured motorists insurance.  This means that even if the person that hit you has bad insurance, you insurance may offer you more money.  Our injury attorneys have successfully pursued this coverage for many of our clients hurt in car accidents, often doubling their car accident settlements.

    Valuing Car Accident Claims
    Car accident settlements are unique to each case and depend on various factors. These factors include the severity of injuries, property damage, and the number of people involved. While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, here are some common methods our injury lawyers use to use to calculate fair car accident settlements:

    1. Pain Multiplier Approach: This method involves multiplying your actual economic damages (such as medical expenses and lost wages) by a specific number (the multiplier). The multiplier typically ranges from 1.5 to 5, with higher multipliers for more severe injuries.
    2. Per Diem Approach: With this approach, the focus is on estimating the number of days you’ll experience pain and suffering. A daily rate (often equivalent to a day’s wages) is assigned, and the total compensation is calculated based on the duration of your discomfort.

    Impact on Settlement
    The amount of your medical bills and the extent of your injuries significantly impact the settlement. On average, settlements for pain and suffering range between $14,000 and $28,000, with an average settlement of $21,000. However, these figures can vary widely based on individual circumstances.
    When assessing your claim, consider various factors:

    1. Medical Expenses: Include all medical bills related to the accident.
    2. Lost Wages: Account for income lost due to injuries.  Make sure to tell your accident attorney about any missed time from work or if you had to use vacation days because of a car crash.
    3. Pain and Suffering: Emotional distress and physical pain matter. Pain and suffering compensation in car accident cases is intended to compensate victims for physical pain, emotional distress, and inconvenience caused by the accident. For example, severe injuries resulting in chronic pain or emotional trauma may warrant higher pain and suffering compensation.
    4. Property Damage: Repair costs for your vehicle. In some cases, where your vehicle was totaled, our injury attorneys can make sure you get a fair value for your car.

    Our team of Chicago injury lawyers can maximize each of these factors for you, ensuring you get the best settlement possible for your car crash.

    Choosing the Right Lawyer After a Car Crash
    Selecting the right Chicago injury lawyer is crucial:

    1. Experience: Look for a chicago lawyer experienced in personal injury cases.
    2. Specialization: Focus on attorneys who specialize in car accidents.
    3. Track Record: Research their success with settlements.

    This is where Fabbrini Law Group excels. We’ve had thousands of happy car accident clients over the years.  But don’t take our word for it, check out our many 5-star Chicago injury lawyer reviews on Google.

    Actual Car Accident Settlement Examples
    Real-world cases illustrate the range of settlements:

    1. Rear-End Collision: Neck and back injuries resulting in a $15,000 settlement.
    2. T-Bone Crash: Broken leg and emotional distress leading to a $750,000 settlement.
    3. Slipped Disc Injury: Herniated disc in back needing several injections to relieve the pain resulted in a $250,000 settlement.
    4. Numerous Broken Bones and Fractured Hip: Severe injuries from a car crash like these will result in settlements over 1 million dollars or more.

    Remember,consulting an experienced Chicago injury lawyer ensures fair compensation for your injuries and losses. Our injury lawyers can also explore different payment methods for car accident settlements, such as lump-sum payments or structured settlements. For example, a lump-sum payment provides immediate compensation for injuries and damages, while a structured settlement provides periodic payments over time for your injuries from a car accident.