Client Reviews

UUW Client: “Great experience with Fabbrini! I worked with Jim and Cambry and the experience was amazing as well as educational. They strategically took the time to assess several possible scenarios to make sure that the case was solid.! The group works very well as a team to make sure that all of the I’s are dotted and that the T’s are crossed. Honesty and integrity!! I highly highly recommend Fabbrini Law!!!!”

- Marvin

Personal Injury Client: “This law firm stood by me during one of the most trying experiences of my life: a personal injury suit, where I was hit by a car while riding my bicycle. Jim Fabbrini and his team believed in my case and fought hard to earn me a victory that would take care of my medical expenses. His team is always courteous and professional; Jim fights for his client like no other. Thanks, guys.”

- Olumide

DUI Client “Very knowledgeable and helpful with my DUI case. I highly recommend this firm!”

- John

Personal Injury Client: “The insurance company denied my claim but Fabbrini Law Group ended up getting me a huge settlement. Highly recommended.”

- Eduardo

Traffic Client: “Jim is a lawyer’s lawyer. A real bulldog in the courtroom, someone who will fight for you. He is highly respected amongst his colleagues. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

- Ben

Personal injury Client: “I hired Fabbrini Law Group LLC for a personal injury suit when I was hit by a car while running. The Fabbrini team was responsive and helpful throughout the ordeal which was invaluable from a client standpoint.”

- Brit

Misdemeanor Client: “Upon seeking help for a misdemeanor, I was pleasantly surprised with how friendly and easy to interact with Fabbrini Law Group turned out to be. Throughout the process, the firm kept me well-informed of what to expect from my court dates and even worked with me to set up a payment plan. Overall, I feel I was more than well-represented and informed. I would definitely recommend this firm to a friend, family member, or anyone in need of legal help.”

- Erick

Misdemeanor Client: “I found myself charged with misdemeanor domestic battery. I was unfairly arrested, but regardless, was quite nervous about what would happen. James Fabbrini and his firm did an outstanding job of representing and fighting for me. I was able to persevere against the charge thanks to his support, dedication, and thoroughness. I would highly recommend Mr. Fabbrini to anyone who finds themselves in such a situation.”

- Bill

License Suspension Client: “Jim and Cambry made what was supposed to be a stressful process, a huge relief for me. Having a busy schedule worried me due to the fact that I would have no time to find a trusting and affordable attorney. However, Fabbrini Law Group completely changed my time consuming case into a simple one, two, three process.”

- Danielle

Personal Injury Client: “Jim and the staff at Fabbrini Law Group do amazing work and in a very timely manner. When I was injured in a car accident I was worried how I would pay the bills. Jim and his staff made sure I got the help I needed without any added stress. I highly recommend them!”

- Gail