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Chicago Armed Robbery Lawyer

If you have been accused of armed robbery, you may face serious penalties that may include jail time. It is extremely important to seek help from Fabbrini Law Group. With such high stakes at hand, you need a Fabbrini Law Group lawyer who has handled armed robbery cases in the past and who has experience negotiating plea agreements and developing an aggressive defense strategy. Our capable attorneys have the practical knowledge and skills to represent you efficiently in armed robbery cases.

In Chicago, armed robbery is defined as taking anything of value from another individual by using a gun, knife or other deadly or dangerous weapon to intimated or force him or her to give you the item. The jail sentence you face as a result of an armed robbery conviction will vary. This is depending upon whether you have a past criminal history. There will be additional consideration to the weapon involved, whether any injuries occurred, what was stolen and the value of the stolen item(s). Armed robbery is considered a violent offense. This means that you will serve time in jail if you are found guilty.

A skilled Fabbrini Law Group lawyer may be able to help you avoid conviction. Competent defense lawyers can contradict the evidence against you to show that the prosecutor did not meet the burden of proving you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Depending on the circumstances, your best option may be to negotiate a plea bargain to reduce the severity of the charges and penalties.

Our individuals at Fabbrini Law Group believe that every individual accused of a crime deserves a strong and effective defense effort. Our robbery defense lawyers will look at every element of the charge to develop the right defense strategy based on the facts of your given case. Your criminal defense attorney with Fabbrini Law Group will question witnesses, examine the crime scene, view any surveillance tapes and even look at any other relevant evidence. If needed at any given time, Fabbrini Law Group will hire experienced private investigators who may be able to find evidence that was overlooked. A key strategy may be to contest the weapon, if at all possible. For a free initial consultation with a robbery defense lawyer, contact Fabbrini Law Group today.