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Chicago Burglary/Theft Lawyer

At Fabbrini Law Group, our burglary attorneys have extensive experience handling a wide range of criminal law issues, which include burglary. Our law group strives to see that clients’ rights are protected throughout the course of seeking a resolution to the situation with the knowledge of one of our burglary defense attorney. Since all of our attorneys are trained in criminal defense or criminal law, any member of Fabbrini Law Group can aggressively represent your interests. It is very important to us that you understand the impact that a conviction on a burglary charge may have on your future or someone else’s future and the potential punishment you or someone else may be facing.

Chicago law defines burglary as the entering of a building, vehicle, vessel or cargo container with the intention of stealing or committing a felony. The main priority for burglary is intent. This means that the prosecution has to show that you intended to steal something and not that you actually stole something. There are two different types of burglary, which are the following:

  • Commercial burglary.
  • Residential burglary.

Theft crimes are crimes where the actual taking of someone else’s property has happened. There are several different types of theft crimes that of which an individual can be charged, ranging from misdemeanor charges to serious felonies. These can include the following:

  • Embezzlement.
  • Identity theft.
  • Petty theft.
  • Grand theft auto.
  • Receiving stolen property.
  • Grand theft firearm.

During a free initial consultation on your burglary or theft, we can evaluate the issues and determine how best to pursue an end to the case at hand. If you have any questions, comments and / or concerns about any aspect of burglary, talking to Fabbrini Law Group is the best way to get the legal answers you may need.