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Recently, there has been much debate about legalizing cannabis, and the Illinois legislature has made significant steps toward legalizing medical marijuana for those suffering from certain medical conditions. But at present, possession of cannabis is still a serious crime which often leads to felony charges and mandatory minimum sentences — so qualified legal counsel is crucial. When you need an experienced cannabis defense attorney in the Greater Chicago metropolitan area, choose Fabbrini Law Group.

20 Years Of Combined Experience On Your Side

If you’re facing criminal charges for possession, sale or cultivation of cannabis, you may be very anxious about your future. A marijuana felony or misdemeanor on your criminal record, or even a record of an arrest, can make it difficult for you to find or keep employment. It may also make it difficult to access educational opportunities, public assistance and even housing. At the Fabbrini Law Group, our marijuana defense lawyers understand these concerns. That’s why we’ll fight hard for you, and fight to win.

We’ll work for an acquittal whenever possible, and we won’t accept a plea bargain unless it’s really in your best interests. We are experienced trial lawyers with a record of excellent outcomes for our clients. Our expert research, careful attention to detail, and passion for the practice allows us to successfully mitigate damage to your criminal record and reputation.

Aggressive In Court, Compassionate With Our Clients

Most clients are referred to the Fabbrini Law Group by satisfied former clients or by other attorneys. We believe these referrals not only indicate positive outcomes, but also suggest our commitment to personal attention. We’ll take the time to get to know you, and develop tailored strategies that respond to your unique needs and goals. We will be by your side every step of the process, ensuring that you always understand what’s happening with your case. We can also provide counseling or therapy referrals to clients who desire help with substance abuse issues.

Don’t Wait Another Day — Help Is Available

If you’re facing cannabis charges, the Fabbrini Law Group offers free initial consultations. Call 312-494-3131 or send us an email to schedule yours.

Our law firm supports a diverse clientele. We have attorneys and staff fluent in the following languages: Spanish, Russian and Polish.