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Unlawful Use of a Weapon (UUW)

Chicago UUW Attorney

If you have been charged with unlawful use of a weapon (UUW), you may be confused about what exactly you are charged with, and anxious about your future. If you are facing such charges in a community anywhere in the Greater Chicago metropolitan area, the gun defense lawyers at Fabbrini Law Group offer support and effective defense strategies.

Understanding Unlawful Use Of A Weapon Charges

In Illinois, UUW charges can be applied to a wide range of weapons violations. Examples include:

  • Carrying a concealed weapon without a permit
  • Carrying a gun outside your home or place of business
  • Possession of a silencer
  • Transporting a firearm in a car without a valid firearm owner identification (FOID) card

Certain items may never be purchased or possessed at all, while the possession or carrying of other objects can lead to UUW charges if there was a clear intent to use them to harm someone. At the Fabbrini Law Group, we will listen carefully to your story and take the time to understand your particular situation — we know every case, and every client, is different.

Caring With You, Tough With Opponents

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, we can help. Our attorneys have 20 years of combined experience, and we’ll use our sophisticated legal knowledge to fight for you. We always fight to win — we won’t take a plea bargain unless it’s in your best interests. We are aggressive trial lawyers with a history of success. If a complete acquittal isn’t possible, we’ll work to mitigate charges to reduce the long-term damage to your criminal record and your reputation.

We have acquired an excellent reputation in the Chicago legal community and receive many referrals from former clients and other attorneys. We attribute this success to our keen eye for detail, our exceptionally thorough research and our commitment to personal attention for all of our clients.

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If you are facing UUW charges, the sooner you call us the sooner we can help. To get the Fabbrini Law Group working on your case, send us an email or call us at 312-494-3131.

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