Client Reviews

Felony Client: “I had the opportunity to have Cambry as my attorney and I must say that not only did she do an outstanding job at handling all of the issues surrounding my case, she also educated me during the process and made sure to keep an open line of communication with me! She’s a well rounded, smart and impressive attorney! Surely someone that will handle your case with care!! ”

- Marv

Traffic Client: “Had a somewhat small speeding ticket (93 in a 55). Called Jim with Fabbrini Law Group. Great people over there. Explained my situation and from the start of the conversation they knew exactly what to do. They helped me through out the entire process. Their response time for emails and phone calls were amazing. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND Jim and his group to anyone! Hopefully I never run into an issue like this again but, if I do, I know who to call. Thanks Guys!!”

- Scott

DUI Client: “Jim got a major case for me dismissed 100% on a technicality at trial!!! I have worked with some of the best lawyers in IL, and the Fabbrini law group trumps them all! Most lawyers do ZERO work and plead out to the best deal. Not Jim, there never even was an offer because we went straight to trial. Jim and Camby are excellent litagators and actually worked on my case. I was shown case law and everything they did every step of the way. 100% transparent communication. They went above and beyond for a fair price and didn’t charge more for trial for a case from 5/20/13. Highly recommended”

- Andrew

Traffic client: “I had a case in Maywood courthouse my first court date afterwards I was very confused not understanding anything I called several attorneys and was not helped I called this law firm the day before I had to be in court they were there on time miss McNabb explained everything to me she listen to me listen to everything I had to say my concerns and fears and help me the best she could which I got a good deal if you’re looking for a law firm choose these people thank you.”

- Raul

Criminal Defense Client: “If you are reading this review it means you are on the right way in your search for a lawyer. I had some troubles with law, so I had to look for an attorney. I found Fabbrini Law Group on the web. First thing I’ve noticed was a good website, very informative and easy to search. Second, Fabbrini Law Group had a russian speaking legal assistant and it was very important for me because my english is not excellent. Third, this law firm has several attorneys and that’s the best option. As far as the price for the services I think if it is too high or too low that would raise some questions for me. The most expensive attorney is not always the best, and I wouldn’t trust a cheap attorney. My advice to you is to ask if you are paying an attorney for the case or per court appearance. I had two court appearances and Fabbrini Law Group took care of my whole case and if there would be any problems I wouldn’t have to pay anything extra. First person from Fabbrini Law Group I’ve talked to was Lana, she was very nice and knew what she was talking about, very responsible and I never had any problems with her. I felt very confident and calm at my court appearance since I had one of the best lawyers – James Fabbrini. I felt very safe with him. Mr. Fabbrini was very professional and you could tell he is experienced lawyer who is treating his clients with respect. Fabbrini Law Group is a really good team of professionals. I am very satisfied with my experience and outcome of my case. Thank you so much!”

- Sveta

Suspended License Client: “Great and affordable. Was able to get my drivers license suspension lifted. Totally recommend”

- Jason

Criminal Defense Client: “Cambry McNabb Did a wonderful job, Loved her as my attorney !!”

- Ciera

Personal Injury Client: “Passionate, knowledgable, and resilient attorneys”

- Michelle

DUI Client: “Jim Fabbrini saved my husband’s license. After his second DUI we were worried that he would lose his license and not be able to work. Jim was able to have the charges lessened and keep my husband driving! He knows his way around a court room. He is a straightforward guy and tells you like it is. He fights hard for his clients for a fair price.”

- Marie

Misdemeanor Client: “I worked with Cambry McNabb, an associate of the Fabbrini Law Group. She was extremely knowledgeable and efficent. I highly recommend her and the Fabbrini Law Group”

- Joan